How does invoicing work?

For each order 2 invoices should be made, one by you and one by us.

You invoice your customer

On CROWDYHOUSE you are the seller and not CROWDYHOUSE, which means you should invoice your customers for the products sold. You should invoice your customer for the amount they paid on CROWDYHOUSE. On the invoice you can mention that the order was already paid for via CROWDYHOUSE. You can include the invoice in the package when you ship out the product.

We invoice you

For the cost of our services we invoice you. For each order you are able to download a CROWDYHOUSE invoice from your account. Invoices are only downloadable once the product is marked as shipped and paid out by us (so within 2 to 6 weeks after the product was shipped).

On the invoice we state the product sold, the commission and VAT charged. The amount minus our sales commission + shipping is paid out to the bank account number linked to your account.

You can also download all your sales information and CROWDYHOUSE commission information as a CSV from your account.

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