How and when do I get paid?

To receive payments for completed orders please check the following:

  1. Your personal details are completely and correctly filled out here: The details should match exactly the person who created the account. Date of birth, full name etc. Not the company.
  2. All the company information in your Seller Dashboard Settings is complete: This includes the IBAN number, BIC number and the required KYC documents at the bottom of the page. You need to wait for the KYC documents to be validated by our Payment Service Provider. A status will be shown if the documents are refused or Validated. See below for an example where a document was refused and then accepted. If you are having issues with the KYC documents you can refer to this list of the required documents by our Payment Provider:


A seller is paid their commission 21 days after they mark their order as shipped. You can mark the order as shipped here:


CROWDYHOUSE works with an independent Payment Service Provider called Mangopay: This is a financial authority registered in Luxembourg. 

When a customer makes an order the funds are held in a 3rd party e-wallet in the name of the customer. Once the order is marked as shipped our system authorizes Mangopay to transfer the funds to the seller wallet and the commission to CROWDYHOUSE. 

It is not CROWDYHOUSE that handles the money from the customer. Here is a diagram of how this works:


If you are having issues with payments after completing all of these steps please contact us: and we can look into the issue further.

Mangopay can only pay out to an IBAN number with BIC code. We are not able to pay out to a Paypal account.

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