Good product descriptions

A few tips to write a good product description:

  • Write to your customer: No matter what you are selling, you should have a good understanding of your target customer. Reflect that in your voice, language, and style. A product description for a kids poster will have a different tone of voice than a very exclusive dinning table.
  • What are the FAQ’s for your product? Product descriptions should answer all the basic questions a customers would ask. Start by answering a relevant question from each of these 5 categories:

Who – Who needs it? Who is it made for? Who made it?
What – What is the product? What features does it have? What is it for?
Where – Where is it made? Where should it be used?
Why – Why do customers need it? Why it is better? Why purchase it?

  • Do not make your description to long: A description needs to be long enough to describe the product, but be careful not to go too long. People scan product descriptions. If the main block is longer than 75 words or so, customers might check out before they get to the end. Shorten sentences where you can, and cut unnecessary information.
  • Important information first: People are scanning these descriptions, so it’s smart to list the most important details in the first sentence or two. You might want to include a short bulleted list of features before the blurb itself. Whatever the format, make sure the details are easy to find.
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