How does selling on CROWDYHOUSE work?
  • On CROWDYHOUSE you sell directly to a design loving target group. CROWDYHOUSE is the platform connecting designer and customer, but we are not the seller of your products.
  • From your designers dashboard you manage everything, from uploading products, pausing your shop when you go on holiday, order management, etc. 
  • Via email we keep you updated about new orders and customer questions. After you have received an order you ship directly to the customer within your set delivery time.
  • You take care of shipping and ship directly to the customer. We require shipping to at all countries within the EU, however to broaden your market and increase sales we advise you to ship world wide or at least the U.S. When you upload a product you can set different shipping costs for each country.
  • The maximum delivery time is 3 weeks. In any case we advise to reduce the delivery times as much as you can. We know from experience short delivery times increase sales, so make sure you offer a fast service to your customers.



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